Backlinks Part 1 – 7 Effective Ways to Create Backlinks

Backlinks Part 1 – 7 Effective Ways to Create Backlinks

Recently, because a company contacted and invited to do an offline Google SEO sharing course, because the course will have two days to tell, so I spent a lot of thought on making the courseware, and I need to record an online SEO video tutorial, so I only updated it last week. wrote an article.

I don’t plan to update the on-site SEO part in the near future. Students who want to know about on-site SEO should be able to have their own ideas after seeing the 7 articles I wrote earlier. Again, on-site optimization is just to lay a solid foundation for your website, so that when Google robots come to our page, it is easier to crawl our website.

In the next period of time, the content of the article will be based on the external chain part. Then there will be two Google tutorials about tools interspersed in the middle. If you have something you want to know, you can also chat with me privately, and I will try my best to satisfy you within the scope of my ability.

ok, without further ado, let’s start the text.

Because this is the first article in this series, let’s start with the basic concepts. If you have the basics, you can read it directly below.

What are backlinks

Backlinks are links created when one website links to another website. It is also often referred to as “inbound links” or “outbound links”. So when you usually hear other rankings, don’t be surprised, they all mean the same thing.

Importance of Backlinks

We can simply understand it as: backlinks represent the “links from one site to another”vote of confidence

Logically, the more votes you have, the better your chances of ranking.

But here’s a peculiarity: Google doesn’t count all sites’ vote scores the same. For example, if you submit an article on CNN (American Cable News Network), and you randomly submit an article on a website, the voting score is completely different. Therefore, we will have the basis for judging the quality of external links.

Authority, Relevance, Trust

Regarding the specific introduction of these three points, I will write a special article later, because today we are mainly discussing the method of creating external links, so I will not emphasize too much here, everyone knows that there are these three factors. .

The construction strategy of this article uses tools, I will focus on Ahrefs

external link building7an effective method

Email contact

Email contact is our most common external link strategy. You can do this only if you have pages that are worth linking. For example, if you have a particularly well-written article, you can send an email to others and ask if they can link. If your product is awesome, you can email people too, but you have to have a good reason.

So I would think, “Linkable Assets” would be more efficient.

So what is a linkable asset, when you write a great article, and then you reach out to other webmasters one by one to tell him the advantages of your article and what it can bring him.

So the question is, who should we email

  1. people who mentioned your target keyword in an article
  2. People who linked to similar articles on the topic

We have set the contact goal, how can we find these people, we can use ahrefs to achieve it.

Let’s take the wholesale clothing industry as an example

Log in to ahrefs and find Content Explorer, enter the keyword wholesale clothing blog, or you can directly enter wholesale clothing so that it doesn’t have to be an article, just to find a related website.As shown

backlink tool

We can see that there are 8000 search results. We are checking one page per domain, and there are 5k results left. Then at this time, you will get the article page about wholesale clothing, can you find their contact information, and then go to contact.

Next, you can also choose the sorting method on the right. There are many sorting methods to choose from: date, traffic, relevance, domain name rating, etc., and see where your own focus is.

The above method only searches for a keyword, and mainly focuses on the article page. You can search for different keywords according to your own needs to find.

search keyword

But it should be noted that the email contact method requires a lot of patience and time, and the recovery record will not be so big, but when you successfully get feedback, you will have a sense of accomplishment, and the quality of the backlinks you will get will be fine.

Then at this time, the emails you send are particularly important. I will write an article later on the format and content details of the emails to explain them in detail.

guest blogger

This is a relatively long-term external chain strategy. Although it is old, it has never expired.

What does guest blogging mean? We can understand that you write a very good article, then go to other platforms to contribute, and then link to yourself from that article.

Sounds simple right, but it requires not only your writing skills but also a lot of effort.

If you are wondering if someone is doing this, then you can use the Google advanced command to search.

topic + intitle:”write for us”

google command

Students who want to know more about Google Advanced Instructions can click on the title below

Google Search Instructions – for everyone

That’s the truth, just imagine, if you write a piece of content for my website, and you only need to get a backlink from me, then I have absolutely no reason to refuse.

So after we’ve determined that this kind of policy can be used, how do we find the platforms to which these submissions are made.

We can also use the ahrefs Content Explorer.

Suppose we enter link building, and then select the way you want to see in turn. Its result will be like this.

link building

Then when we find the website we want, we can export the website with one click. Is it perfect.

broken link

Please note that we are talking about broken links here, that is, 404 pages. Here, the page disappears because of our own reasons, so the link is broken.

In fact, we are generally better at dealing with this situation. Just find these pages, and then contact the other party, so that the other party can exchange links to our other pages.

So how do we find those broken links?

Use ahrefs, put your domain name into the search box for analysis, Best by links, and select 404, then you will see the following interface.

404 link

This data shows the number of referring domains and referring domains for each 404 page, so we can quickly find more content and domain names that we have disconnected.

This linking method is also more efficient, but it is mainly aimed at websites that have had certain links before, because no one links to you on your new website, let alone looking for broken links. .

Unlinked content

When our brand has a certain reputation, someone may mention us in other places, but he may not necessarily link to us, so we can find this page at this time, and then contact him to ask if Links that can add brands or related content to our website.

Let’s take shein as an example

Enter shein in Content Explorer, select one page per domain and highlight unlinked domains

Then you can get a page like this

Unlinked content

In fact, when the other party mentions our brand on the website, we are equivalent to having half of the links, and when you ask the other party to add your link, the success rate should be very high.

Now you only need to export these data to the table and contact them one by one, I believe there will be good harvests.

However, this method can only be used after you have a certain brand awareness. For example, my current personal blog is called Ruofan SEO. When people don’t know the content of my blog, do they? Will mention mine, and that’s how it goes.

unlinked content 1

recover lost link

We all know that the backlinks we create won’t last forever, they will always be lost for various reasons. Do we still have a chance to find these broken links?

Of course, not only that, it’s easier to find an old link than to create a new one rather than to create a new one.

We still put the domain name into Ahrefs, scroll down, and you can see the picture below.

recover lost link

There are more lost links than new links. If you have plenty of time, you can try to recover this link.

Here are two common reasons for loss

  1. The link has been removed from this page
  2. Linked page no longer exists

Note that these are just two common reasons, not all.

If it is the first case, maybe the author has modified the content of the page, and your link is not suitable for the new content of his link.

So how do we know when our link is lost for what reason.

Using Ahrefs, click through.

Site Explorer > enter your domain > Back links > Lost > look for instances of “link removed”

Then you can get the following interface

link removed

We can see that the first two are because the content was rewritten, so our link disappeared.

Then after we know the reason, we can try to communicate with the other party and see if we can add our new link. It’s also a way more efficient than linking to a new website.

But for example, the third missing link is because the other party’s page has been deleted, so you don’t need to spend more time on it.

Paid advertising

We’re reviewing our first method, email contact. The logic of the email link is to make your own article page valuable, and then contact the valuable website to try to persuade the other party to link to you.

The logic of paid advertising is also somewhat similar, except that the former is active contact, and the latter is active display, turning passive into active.

For example, we can use Facebook ads, PPC display ads (Google AdWords, Pinterest Ads, etc.)

You may think that this requires a lot of expenses, but in fact it is not, we can set a small budget, such as 500 RMB, such as 1000 RMB. But the premise is that your content must feel valuable, and your audience should match your article.

In fact, this is not just for links. When more people see our articles, our brand will be better exposed, and naturally there will be more links pointing to our website.

If you have doubts about this strategy, you might as well test it yourself. You try to spend 300-500 RMB, and then put it on facebook, and the page where you put the advertisement, don’t do other external link strategies. After a while, you put the URL of the page into Ahrefs and look it up to see if it surprises you.

competitor link

This is the last linking strategy we will talk about today, and one that we use a lot.

Let’s first find out our competitors through tools. If you often read my articles, I don’t think this step is difficult.

Or we search directly on Google for the keywords we want to rank for, and then our competitors.

Then put the competitor’s URL into ahrefs for query.

You can put the entire domain name in it, or you can put in a page with a good keyword ranking. (I prefer the latter)

Here is an example of my own website.

Suppose I want to rank in Google for the keyword “Google SEO Tutorial”

External link ranking

The image above is my search results, and my own ranking is as follows

current ranking

Currently ranked 13th on Google

Then the next thing I need to do is put the top three websites in Google into Ahrefs in order

competitor link

We can see that this website is relatively high in terms of Ahrefs Rank, UR and DR. But when I read the content of his page, it was actually not as grounded as I wrote. That is to say, for users, mine may be better.

So I will analyze the 17 backlinks he created next, and I need to make a better backlink quality than him in order to have a chance to rank in front of it.As shown

Competitor Link Details

So this is the result I measured through my competitors, and the goal I set for myself is to make the Google SEO tutorial in the top three on the Google homepage within a month.

This article will stop here, because many people are not familiar with the external chain. If you need to know other external chain knowledge, you can chat with me privately. I will refer to the suggestions of readers and jointly formulate the topics written later.

I plan to create a knowledge sharing group for Ruofan SEO readers, because I need to ensure the quality of readers, and I don’t want some friends who advertise to come in to disturb, so I will charge 19.8 yuan per person. ​In it, you can discuss some topics about Google SEO together, and you can connect to the corresponding resources. I will reply in time when I see SEO questions. Friends who want to join the group can chat with me privately.

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