Offsite SEO Part 2 – 10 Websites to Buy Google Backlinks in 2021

Let’s talk about why I chose this topic to write about the purchase of Google’s external links in the second article of the external link. In fact, I have been debating whether or not to write this article today, because there are many service providers or websites that use this topic. This kind of practice, and I have made the market too clear, will definitely cause some people’s dissatisfaction. However, sticking to my own heart and doing everything with a clear conscience has always been my life principle.

After the first article was published, many classmates contacted me: Ruofan, I urgently need knowledge about external chains. I have learned a lot after reading your article. How many articles will you write about external chains? , Is there any simple and effective external link strategy? Will the external links I bought on a certain website be punished by Google?

That’s why today’s article is here. In the last article, I simply transmitted the concept of external chain and several common external chain strategies to you.

Before making external links, we should make it clear that the quality of external links that are too easy to obtain is generally not too high. You can think about it, if you can easily obtain the external link, then your peers can also easily do it.

Therefore, you must not be too hasty in making external links. Regarding the practical operation of manual external links, I will write a detailed article to introduce it later, so I will not talk about it here.

Before starting the text, I need to make one thing clear, I do not support buying Google’s external links, the reasons must be clear to everyone, and I will also talk about it below. But the fact is that we don’t support it, it doesn’t mean that others don’t need it. Even, most of the Google sites in China will basically buy some external links, more or less. It just depends on whether you are willing to take the risk or not.

Below is the outline of this article

The role of Google’s external links

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Google Links

What kind of punishment will you face if you are found by Google

website to buy external links

Jovan’s suggestion

The role of Google’s external links

Let’s sort out our logic first. Google SEO includes three major sections: website content + on-site technology + website external links

In fact, the first two are controllable, it is not that difficult. As long as you have enough time and enough attention, then your website internal optimization is definitely no problem. As long as your English level is not bad, for product handover, and then you have time to understand the market, then the content can also be very good. You can still find Content Marketing Expert to do this part of the work.

But the external chain, it is not as simple as we think.

Let’s talk about Google’s attitude towards external links on our website.Can be summed up in two words: nature

It means that when others voluntarily give you a link, it is a good link. When the more people who voluntarily link you, the higher your ranking will be. Because every link to follow is an act of voting, the greater the authority of your voters and the more people, the higher the ranking you get.

If you rely on manual work, it will take a long time, and if you are in a new site, it is difficult for you to obtain links from others, so there is a saying of buying Google external links.

Pros and Cons of Buying Google Links

The advantages of buying external links are obvious, which is to save trouble and time, and as long as you are willing to spend money, you can buy some high-quality external links.

at the same timebuy external linksThe disadvantages are also obvious.

Cheap external links have no quality, and high-quality external links are expensive.

face a penalty from Google at any time

It is difficult to find a good external link service provider

What kind of punishment will you face if you are found by Google

After talking about the advantages and disadvantages of buying external links, let’s evaluate its risks and what penalties will be faced. If you can find a reliable service provider and only post a small amount (remember not to post hundreds or thousands at a time), then Google may not care too much. But that doesn’t mean you’re free from risk. Then how will Google punish you? The lighter websites will enter the sandbox, neither up nor down, the heavy ones will clear most of your keyword rankings, the website weight will plummet, and will leave a black history. Therefore, students who buy external chains, please be careful.

buy google links


Why do I put this website in the first place, because he is so famous in our China, so far, no less than 10 people have asked me about this website.

Fiverr is the world’s largest service marketplace, starting at $5, and it can give you a full range of services, not just external links.


The overall feedback of this website is not bad. It focuses on selling external links. It has been around for 10 years. If you need some high-quality external links, you can go and have a look.

Links Management

The biggest feature of this website is that it sells high-quality links but is relatively cheap. It specializes in backlinks with DA40-100 backlinks.

Authority Builders

They have a relatively user-friendly interface.When we sign up, we can choose the segmentation options we need to know about, such as DA, TF, RD and estimated monthly traffic


The people on this forum can help you create very good backlinks, profile backlinks, article directory links and guest posting links on web 2.0 to help you rank your site on Google.

If you want to know what Web2.0 is, go to Baidu yourself, or I will talk about it separately later.


Upwork is not a specific marketplace for buying backlinks, but you can hire freelancers on it to do the tasks you need. Buying backlinks through them can be very expensive compared to other sites because you are hiring a professional to do things for you.

Wicked Fire

Wicked Fire is your one-stop destination for all kinds of jobs in the SEO and digital marketing industries. It provides the expertise of content writers, website developers, link builders, domain flippers, and more to hire.This is one of the oldest forums used since 2011


On this forum, you can get some very valuable backlink services, such as backlinks from,, and many other big sites in the world.

Buy High-Quality Backlinks

Buy High-Quality Backlinks offers Google SERP dominance, providing the most effective way to boost your website and build a variety of high-quality backlinks.

They have handpicked a team of link builder SEO experts who have been dominating Google’s SERPs for over 15 years.


If you like the way of social media, then you can check it out.

Jovan’s suggestion

Having said so much above, I still say the same thing, try not to buy if you can, and it is better to do your own thing in a down-to-earth manner. Because no one knows when Google will hit you in the head. If you want to buy, I suggest you try some of what you need at the current stage with a small amount, not too much (don’t make too much at once), and then consider long-term cooperation. Because the external chain market is actually quite chaotic.

Later, Ruofan will tell you some practical methods of conventional external chains, so stay tuned.

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