On-site SEO Part 7: 17 Effective Tips for Optimizing Your Blog Content

A few days ago, a well-known platform contacted me and wanted me to authorize them to reprint the article I wrote. I am very happy to agree. This at least confirms that what Ruofan has written now has been recognized by some people. This will also be what I will write about later. In fact, writing has always been my interest since elementary school to the present. When I was in school, I didn’t have any literature accumulation, so the scores for each composition I wrote were not high. Then I remembered that I always had the habit of writing a diary when I was in school, so this interest was never lost.

Today we are going to discuss the blog post of on-site optimization. A successful website requires good articles.

This article is not about teaching you how to blog, because I can’t teach you or have the ability to teach you about writing.

However, before we start the main text, we can discuss a question that is of more interest to everyone. I believe that many small partners will consider such a question.

The blog content of our website is handed over to third-party service providers/overseas writers. Wouldn’t it be better?

First of all, since there is such a service market, it must have its advantages and disadvantages, and there will be reasons for its existence. Whether it is good or bad will not be said for the time being, but Ruofan can give you some methods to help you control it.

Whether it is a service provider or an overseas platform writer, we can’t deny that they may be more proficient in writing and seo than you, but they certainly don’t know as much about products as you.

Therefore, it is suggested that in the early stage of cooperation, you will communicate directly with the writer. If your spoken language is not good, you can communicate directly online. You need to inform him about your product concept in detail. For example, whether the entire website is mainly based on brands or products, whether the market is in a low-end or mid-to-high-end developed area, and what features do your products have.

After the exchange, you need to ask him to list his writing goals for the month, or you can set them.

Then between writing each article, you’d better let him give him an outline (if you don’t have so much time, you need to ask him to list it out for you)

Don’t upload the website after writing, let him send the article to you for inspection and acceptance, and then publish it.

Written in such a logical way, and after a long period of accumulation, you can combine your product concept with his professional line to achieve a better effect.

clearwebsiteContent is an important factor in SEO

Before reading the main text, we need to make it clear that, by far, website content is still one of the most important ranking factors for Google. If you don’t agree with this point of friends, it may be a waste of your precious time to watch it.

Also, the days of writing 300 articles and getting good keyword rankings are gone. It takes a lot of content to rank on the SERPs. But the content we post needs to have a clear purpose, then we should think first.Why am I posting this?Nothing more than to get keyword rankings. With such a purpose, we continue to look at the website.

17 Effective Tips for Optimizing Your Blog Content

keyword targeting

There’s no denying that keyword targeting is definitely where your writing starts.

We should combine our keyword research results with content.

If you don’t know how to do keyword research, you can read the article I wrote earlier

On-site SEO Part 4: How to conduct keyword layout for website SEO

I believe it can help you.

ok I still want to briefly talk about the logic of keyword positioning.

First of all, you should determine the central idea of ​​the article, which needs to contain your focus keywords. Then you need to determine how many pages are related to the content, and you need to list them and lay them out in the content of the article in the form of anchor text. And based on the relevance of those pages, determine your subtitles etc.

If you need a keyword mining tool, the following can help you

Ahrefs.com, SEMrush.com (paid), answerthepublic.com (free)

If you need to know more tools, you can jump to23 must-have tools for Google SEO in 2021

friendly URL

In 2008, Google’s Matt Cutts at PubconStephan SpencerEmphasize that 3- to 5-word URLs are optimal, and for those that are longer, “Google’s algorithm usually just reduces the weight of those words without giving you that much credit.”

And a simple and clear URL is just as beneficial to the user’s search.

Add the following two RULs, and both have SEO keywords, then which one will you click.


https://www.mygoogleseo.com/l&? =789

No doubt you will prefer the first one. Because you can see the content of the page directly in the url.

Remember to include your keyword in the url

Because when the Google spider enters your page, the first thing it sees is your url, so the inclusion of keywords in the url is a plus for seo.

I will summarize about the url

  • short
  • contains keywords
  • no special symbol
  • as few levels as possible

Optimize title tags

About the page label, I have also talked about it in detail before. If you have friends who are not familiar with this, you can jump to

On-site optimization part 1: The importance of page tags for website SEO

There is a detailed introduction to tags, including the meta description, h1, h2 that I will write about next.

A page’s title tag is one of the most important on-page SEO elements, and luckily, it’s easy to get it right.

Let’s take the keyword layout above as an example.

We’d better place that focus keyword at the top of the title.

For example: Keyword layout – the most attentive teaching in 2021

But in order to make a complete series here, I just wrote it as On-site SEO Part 4: How to conduct keyword layout for website SEO

As the saying goes, you can’t have both.

Then the title tag will have a character limit, we should control it within 60 characters

Optimize meta description tags

Meta description is also a relatively basic tag, it is relatively simple to do, there are three points to pay attention to

Character limit: within 160 characters is the best, because the following content will not be displayed

Need to include your keywords

Write enough to attract users and increase your CTR (click-through rate)

Optimize h1 tags

Typically, your H1 tag is your page title

If you are using wordpress to build a website, then you should set it here

add title

However, you need to check it yourself, because not all themes are titled as H1, like my third theme it doesn’t have automatic H1 function.

The role of H1 in the page is second only to the title tag.

One more thing you should keep in mind is that a page has one and only one h1. If you have too many h1 settings, then Google will think that your page has no priority.

the first paragraphfocusKey words

The so-called focus keywords are the keywords that aggregate the content of the page, and you can also call them core keywords. I called it the focus because I was used to using wordpress.

Focus keywords

This is the judgment given by Yoast SEO. In fact, it is very simple. It is to add your focus keywords to your first natural paragraph naturally, preferably the first 100 words.


Just now we have said H1, it is the same as the title.What about H2-H6?

I’ll make it clearer here, because many of my friends couldn’t understand the meaning of the h tag.

You can think of it as a subtitle,

For example, the h1 of my article is:

On-site SEO Part 7: 17 Effective Tips for Optimizing Your Blog Content

Then my h2 is:

Identifying website content is an important factor in SEO

17 Effective Tips for Optimizing Your Blog Content

Article summary

My H3 is:

These 17 tips I wrote (not referring to these few words, referring to the subheading of each one above)

Note that my h2 is always around thisBlog contenttheme to develop

Our subtitles have a hierarchy from big to small, from broad to narrow.

You can understand that the latter title is to describe the former title, and these tags mainly play a role in h1, then h2, and h3-h6 have no particular effect.

Image optimization

This is relatively simple, and everyone who has basically done a website knows it.

Mainly in two aspects

The size and clarity of the first image. This can affect website speed and user experience.

Second, the image ATL attribute, you can understand it as the naming of the image name. Because of the current position, Google cannot identify the content of the image itself. We can only identify the image by labeling it accordingly.

keyword density

Some people say that since the keywords of the page are so important, I can use a large number of keywords for content filling, and the keyword ranking will not go up.

If you do, unfortunately, it will only backfire.

Although Google has never announced the keyword density, the keyword-stuffed website has been clearly proposed in the Panda algorithm in 2011, and it is striving to combat keyword-stuffing. And further strengthen the attack in the penguin algorithm behind.

Here I have investigated some information and based on my own WordPress blog practical experience, under normal circumstances, it is best to keep the keyword density at 2%.

Here it has an algorithm, such as the total number of words in your article, the number of words in your focus keywords, and the number of times you appear in the article. Combine.

Regarding the keyword density, I will give a detailed introduction in an article later. That’s all here.

semantically related words

We just mentioned that Google does not allow us to do keyword stuffing, so how do we make the page as relevant as possible. Here we have to mention the semantically related keywords that we often say.

For example, the topic of my blog post, then I can use the article, content, etc. to describe it. This is a semantically related word. That is, the synonyms taught by our language teachers.

It’s also a good idea to lay them out in your body.

Mobile optimization

Google has proposed in 2015 that a website optimized for mobile will rank higher than a website that is not optimized for mobile

In March of this year, it was proposed that only the web content of the PC version will no longer be included.

The importance of mobile can be seen.

Friends who want to know more about the mobile terminal can click

On-site SEO Part 5: How to Improve Mobile Performance – Google AMP Pages

to read.


I don’t know if you have heard of PageRank

No one can see the content you make, so how does Google identify whether your content is good or bad? One of the biggest factors is backlinks, which are able to judge the relevance and willfulness of the page based on the votes the backlinks give you.

Before that, I wrote an article about backlinks

How to do a good job in the external link of independent website SEO

Interested friends may wish to take a look

Internal link

Internal linking means linking from this page on your site to another related page. For example, I mentioned the topic of the mobile terminal of the website above, then I recommend a detailed introduction to the mobile terminal information at the end of the paragraph, which is the internal link.

Internal linking can strengthen the structure of your website and keep your website pages tightly linked together. When Google spiders come to one of our website pages, they can also follow the link to another page.

We call the carrier of the link anchor text, as mentioned above.On-site SEO Part 5: How to Improve Mobile Performance – Google AMP Pageswhich is the anchor text of my link.

So how many anchor texts should we make on each page? This is not a clear requirement. In theory, we can make more relevant links without affecting the user experience.

page speed

When you’ve written a good article and done enough work, your page will gradually gain some traffic. However, after the user enters your page from the search box, it takes a long time to enter this page. At this point, you will lose a lot of potential usernames. They are all the traffic that you exchanged through a lot of hard work in the early stage, and it is a pity to lose it in vain.

And, Google has made it clear. Page speed is one of the influencing factors of website SEO.

Generally speaking, the speed of the article page is affected by the picture.

Therefore, it is recommended to compress the image before uploading it on the website.

One or two speed measuring tools and two soil image compression tools are recommended here.

Site Speed ​​Page Score:https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Website test:https://gtmetrix.com/

Image Compressor:



original content

Students who have a little understanding of Google seo know the role of article originality, so what kind of principle is it?

Google users want to provide users with the best answers, all for the user’s sake, that’s all.

For example, when you were in school before, the teacher asked everyone to write essays, and you and the top student in your class were very good. After he finished writing, you took his essay and copied it directly, and then handed it over to the teacher.

Or you can imagine the teacher’s feedback, if you don’t learn well at a young age, you will copy others from others, and next time you will ask your parents to do this!

And Google SEO is the same principle. When your article is exactly the same or very similar to others, it will feel that your article is worthless.

long-form content

Let me show you a picture first.

Content text

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is no longer the era of writing 300 words and keywords on the homepage. There may have been, but those times are over.

The graph above shows the effect of word count on the ranking of an article. We can clearly see that articles with more than 1900 words have a greatly increased chance of ranking on the first page.

And if our keyword competition is relatively large, you may need to write 2000, 3000 or longer articles to get Google to notice you.

social share buttons

If you have a social account, it is best to add your social sharing button at the end of your article. Although Google does not directly say that social sharing will give you ranking, but you are conducive to the spread of your article, we can have a greater chance To expose our content, then why don’t we do it.

Article summary

After reading this article, will you feel the urge to try it? If your article can meet most of the above requirements, plus your own understanding of the product and good writing skills, I believe you can It is better than the overseas writers or local service providers mentioned in the article. To meet these requirements, you only need to be attentive enough to do every step carefully, and then practice makes perfect.

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