On-site SEO summary – hands-on teaching you how to do On Page SEO

In the front, 7 pieces of refined content about seo in the site were published, and then two mind maps of Google seo were published to sort out the logic for everyone. At this point, most of my readers, as long as they have read my series of articles on the site, should have a certain understanding of the site. So, it’s time to give you an on-site SEO summary.

I said before,Google SEO = technical (on-site) SEO + external SEO + content

As long as you have certain skills and enough energy, then your site is actually controllable, that is to say, your site optimization can be as good as your peers.

So what should we do.

Below is the outline of this article

Frequently asked questions by webmasters

fair use of tools

On-site optimization process (emphasis)

Comprehensive site inspection

In fact, most of my current topics are based on feedback from readers. Because what kind of things you write and what kind of effects you have achieved, only the readers know best.

Recently, many readers have sent me their websites, asking me to help analyze the optimization situation and discuss a lot of SEO issues. In fact, I am very willing to help readers, but my energy is limited, so I summarize the questions of readers and answer them in the form of articles.

Frequently asked questions by webmasters

independent station,But don’t know where to start optimizing.This part of the people basically just came out of school to work not long ago, and the knowledge learned in school does not have much practical operation, so they will feel overwhelmed in actual combat. Moreover, most companies have relatively small SEO teams, and there is no systematic training, so what they can learn is limited.

On-site optimization,But don’t know how.This part has basically been in contact with the independent station for about a year. I listened to some classes outside, and then the leaders of the company also taught some. Then he will be very obedient to copy and copy, but in the end, he does not know how he is doing in the station.

Fully trust the tool and think it does a good job.This part of the people is often arrogant, and there will be some traffic on independent sites, but there is no steady increase. Of course, for the time being my readers have not found this to be the case.

fair use of tools

Before introducing on-site optimization, let me introduce you to a few independent site tools that you need to use.

Google Trends It analyzes the Google search engine’s billions of search data every day, and tells users the frequency and related statistics of a certain keyword or topic displayed in the Google search engine in various periods. Through these search data, we can learn about our market, audience information, and future marketing directions and other relevant information, and cost tools.

SEMrush/Ahrefs can choose one of them, I personally prefer to use SEMrush to query data. They can be used to analyze any website, including traffic, keyword sources and rankings, external links and other data, all of which are paid.

Google Keyword Planner Google Keyword Planner, a free tool for querying the value of keywords.

Answerthepublic It can help you find massive long tail keywords, free tool

On-site optimization process

This is the key content of this article and the essence of the entire site optimization. , divided into 6 major steps.

  1. keyword research
  2. page copy
  3. page tab
  4. keyword density
  5. Internal link
  6. website speed

I have seen many websites without systematic planning, and thinking about where is where, many pages are not prioritized in Google’s eyes.

Before we optimize each site, we need to be familiar with the page frame of the entire site, so that you can do a good job in keyword layout.

keyword research

The first thing we need to do is keyword research. And here, you can use the tools we introduced above.

The first step is to determine the core keywords of the entire website.

Don’t look at this simple first step, in fact, many people are wrong. Many people tell you to put the core words of the industry on the homepage, so that you can slowly settle, but he doesn’t tell you how long the settling will take.

for example

Enterprise background: a clothing website, which is subdivided into men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, etc. The customer group is buyers, not retail.

So at this time, what keywords would you put on the homepage?

Give you a minute to think.

I believe most people will set the title to

clothing | Men’s clothing | Woman’s clothing | children’s clothing

Let me ask, can you achieve the first page with the above 4 main words, or how long it will take you to achieve the first page

Then if I told you that you can add the user’s exact match words to the homepage, would you feel absurd?

Shouldn’t precise words be added to product detail pages?

Below is the title of the home page I gave

| wholesale Men’s clothing | wholesale Woman’s clothing | Brands

I don’t know if you still remember the story of Tian Ji’s horse racing. For the same reason, remove the keywords that you can’t rank for, and use the weight of the homepage to compete for the most valuable and less competitive words.

In fact, many websites do this

Screenshot of On Page SEO

Of course, this is just an example. If your core keywords are very unpopular and you have the confidence to compete, then you should use the core keywords directly.

Remember, the premise of doing so, you need to see how much search volume your proposed keywords.

The second step is to define keyword criteria

We can divide the pages into three levels, the first home page, the second product category page, the third product detail page and the blog page. We need to comprehensively measure the value of keywords according to search volume, relevance, and cpc, and then divide them from large to small.

The third step is to research peer keywords

Put the peer’s website into SEMrush, click on Organic Search Traffic, and then the following data can be presented.

On Page SEO Tools

Click Export in the upper right, export the data, and select the keywords that suit you

Step 4: Expand Keywords

Put the primary and secondary of your homepage and product category page into SEMrush, the following data will be displayed

On Page SEO Data

Select Export, then pick the keywords you want.

Step 5: Organize the form

Manage your selected keywords in a unified manner, retain search volume, competition, CPC bids, and the number of search results. Arranged in order from large to school. Then select the words needed for each page.

On Page SEO Form

I just used the SEMrush tool as an example above, and I think the same is true for Ahrefs.If you want to see a more detailed keyword layout, you can click the title below

On-site SEO Part 4: How to conduct keyword layout for website SEO

page copy

The page articles mentioned here mainly refer to product detail pages and blog pages. In fact, I found that many e-commerce sites will also write some at the bottom of the home page and the bottom of the category page without affecting the user experience. Regarding the copywriting of the product, keywords can be naturally mentioned many times in the process. Adding some corresponding anchor text can also have unexpected gains.

There are small partners who think it is feasible to try it. Be careful not to accumulate keywords, and then you can use page folding in some places.

Let’s talk about the product details page,Most of the copy on the detail page is for users to see, so I found that many websites will use pictures to display them directly. The result is that there is not much text on the entire page.

Some sites also attach text to pictures

In fact, these practices are unreasonable, because the current Google robot can only recognize text, and if your product page has no content, it is difficult for it to give you a good ranking. Therefore, the proper way is to combine text with pictures. Generally, our pictures are displayed in the upper left, providing pictures of different scenarios and multiple angles. On the right is the order information.

Then there will be specific product introductions below.

You see, a website with a strong brand like Apple also needs to add a lot of text information to the product page, not to mention us.

On Page SEO Apple Website

Let’s talk about the blog page,Writing articles is now a content marketing practice that most of our websites use because we all know Google loves original content.Here I give 5 targeted suggestions for the article

Focus on article quality

Some people think that articles are for Google to read, so the quality of my articles does not need to be too high, just as usual to keep a running account. I think this statement is too one-sided, if you just show it to Google, of course there is no problem, but in fact, some users will also read your articles, if you write without any depth, or just batch generated kind, unless you Your products are particularly good, otherwise your user stickiness will definitely not be too strong.

Guaranteed article length

The days when 300-word articles can be ranked on the front page are long gone. If you need to use your blog for traffic, try not to be less than 1,000 words. And I can tell you with certainty that articles with more numbers are easier to rank for than articles with fewer numbers. As for how many words to write in each article, you can judge it according to peer research and your promotion goals.

Check article grammar

In fact, we Chinese have some grammar problems more or less. After all, English is not our advantage. But we can try to avoid it. For example, use a tool to check it after publishing. Recommended https://app.grammarly.com/

Show results page

Check if it’s original

Needless to say, originality, everyone knows the importance of originality. Of course, if you wrote it yourself, you definitely don’t need to test it. But if you asked someone else to write it or you copied a lot of other sites yourself, then you can check it with a tool.



Consider outsourcing

If you are the only one to take care of the entire site, I actually recommend you to write some outsourced writers. Because seo is too detailed and cumbersome. The external chain is enough for you to toss, and for the content, professional things should be left to professional people.

Of course, if your English is good and your writing skills are good, then you can do it yourself. The buzzsumo tool can be used when you are looking for topics.

If you want to find a writer, then you can find out about the flexjobs platform.

page tab

This is an important part of on-site optimization. Our main optimization work includes:

  • Title
  • Descriptian
  • H1-H2
  • URL
  • Image tags

Remember when we did part 1 of our keyword research, and that’s when it came in handy. First of all, the main keyword of our page is put into the title. Of course the title can add some other descriptions.

For example, the keyword on my page is Men’s clothing

Then my title could be Shop Men’s Clothing Up To 80% Off

Then my Descriptian will be extended around men’s clothing, remember to include this keyword in it.

There is only one H1 per page, which can be the same as the title. In this case it can also be Shop Men’s Clothing Up To 80% Off

The URL needs to see how our hierarchy is distributed, and then whether this page is a category page or a detail page, we need to put keywords in it, for example, it can be https://www.express.com/mens-clothing

There are also image ATLs that I didn’t focus on before, but I recently found that most websites don’t pay attention to this problem. Although it is a small factor. We can do it by the way when we add the image. (Secretly, when I make my own, there will be a lot of pictures too lazy to make, but this is not right…)

There are 2 advantages to doing a picture of Atl,

The first is that it is good for Google Image’s ranking, and we have the opportunity to get exposure when searching for images on the Google homepage.

Second, when your website sometimes fails to load pictures, it will appear in the form of pictures.

In fact, about the content of the tags in the station, I have written an article to focus on it before, and there is a detailed explanation of each tag. Students with a little basic knowledge can go to watch it.

On-site optimization part 1: The importance of page tags for website SEO

keyword density

What is keyword density

It is the ratio of the total number of times a keyword or a keyword appears on a web page to other words. Relative to the total number of words on the page, the more times the keyword appears, the greater the total keyword density. The more times other words appear, the lower the proportion of keywords and the lower the keyword density.

When it comes to keyword density, we have to talk about the Panda algorithm (Panda) updated by Google in 2011. The panda algorithm clearly points out the technical means of combating keyword filling and black hat.

So now keyword stuffing is a relatively taboo thing, but as for the specific keyword density, Google has not announced it.

There is one place we need to understand, here I take Plant Light as an example

When we use Plant Light as the focus keyword, it needs to be in the form of an exact match in the article to increase the keyword density.

So when our article mentions Plant Light Manufacturer, it will not increase the keyword density of Plant Light. After understanding this, do we have some more ways to increase keyword rankings?

The second one needs to be mentionedLSI keywordswhich is an acronym for Latent Semantic Indexing, which refers to keywords that are semantically related to the primary keyword.

We can understand it as semantically related words or synonyms. Don’t underestimate this semantically related word. It was in the 2015 RankBrain machine learning artificial intelligence update, which clearly mentioned the importance of semantically related words. It can not only prevent the accumulation of main keywords, but also add keywords to the page. ranking.

Internal link

To do a good job of internal linking, we first need to understand a noun “anchor text”

What is anchor text?

It is the carrier where we set the hyperlink

It has many matching methods: keyword match, title exact match, generic match, image match, brand match.

As for how they are used, I have written about them before

What is anchor text?how should we do it

The most complete Google SEO tutorial in 2021 – even a zero-based novice can understand

In fact, to sum up, in our site, we can use our anchor text as we like, so we will have more keyword matches.

Then there are three more points

  1. Centralized page weight
  2. Repeat anchor text
  3. Export anchor text

Centralized page weight,When we have the main product on the website or we need to focus on a certain page for promotion, the first point can be used at this time

Especially in the early stage, we need to break the sandbox faster, then we can create a high-quality page content, and then use similar keywords on different pages in the site to link to the main page. Finally, make a few high-quality external links, then the keywords of your main page will be easier.

And after you get traffic to that page, it can drive the weight and traffic of other pages accordingly.

Repeat anchor textmany classmates will have a common problem, that is, he willLink different pages with the same keywords,Keep in mind that this is an unfriendly approach to Google bots. Because after you do this, then when the Google robot comes to your website, it has no priority. It should believe that which link you are describing the corresponding content. So you’re giving it a hard time by doing this.

An operation has asked me before, and the products on my two pages are of the same type, but the models are different. Can’t use the same anchor text too?

The answer is no,you idiot!

The effect of the keyword research we did in the first step is shown. You can completely replace the same anchor text with related words. If the above tools are not enough for you, then I will provide you with a total of tools for searching synonyms. k-meta

just saidThe same two keywords cannot link to different pages.Similarly,The same keyword cannot link to two different pages.

As for why it can’t, for the same reasons above, you don’t give Google a problem, you can treat him like a three-year-old, it doesn’t like to make choices, it just needs you to tell it how it should be.

Also, we always have to remember that the home page has the highest weight. When you have a high-quality page, you can properly associate it with your home page.

website speed

The previous optimizations are all done, don’t forget our most important step, check your website speed. When your website requires people to wait a long time, everything you have done before will be in vain.

Three tools are provided for you to check:




They can all show how well your site is optimized for speed, and both can help you check what’s affecting your site’s speed.

There are four common reasons that affect the speed of the website, the configuration and location of the server, the code, the impact of pictures and videos, and the impact of plug-ins.

Comprehensive inspection

When you’ve done all the optimizations on the site, don’t forget to check the side for yourself. Or recommend two tools (there are too many useful tools, just choose the one that suits you)

Seositecheckup He can directly check all the standard problems in your site and teach you how to rectify, and can export the report to PDF everywhere. Very suitable for novice use.

search.google.com Google Webmaster Tools

It can be used to query your mobile page, as well as internal links, external links, etc.

The above is the whole content of the seo summary on the site

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